Ahad, 10 Ogos 2014

The Diary. And The Cool Me.

Dear blog,

I watched 'The Vow' for second time yesterday, after the 1st time at Japan with le friends. Same comment, nothing special - it was just too ordinary - cannot understand why people rated it so high - etc etc (-ve). Well, if you know me.
But, that's not the point.
What I want to say is, there was this one line by Paige to her husband, Leo which she'd already forgotten ;
'Do I have a diary?'

If you don't know, actually the story is about a wife losing memory of her husband due to a car accident. On the other hand, le husband who is truly deeply madly still loves le wife had to try his best to win her again since the last memory of his wife about a man was being with her ex-fiance - Jeremy. Ouch, this is based on the real story, so actually the producer just touch up a lil bit i guess. Haha. (Talk like a boss).

So, in the journey to winning her back, there're too much things Leo needs to handle, especially when Paige demands for the proof of them being married & loves each other. And one of the first question was, about the diary.

My point is, I think I better have a diary. Hahaha!.

Hi everyone, I am writing again! After realizing that my life is going bitter and bitter day by day this recently, I need sometime and somewhere to let those unsettling feelings go. 

Just for the summary, I'm 41 right now. Not the age, it is my weight.
My best friends in school got married yesterday, and last week. My best friends in university will get married, end of this year. And, I'm getting married, after that.
In short, see how nice i am, i let you all go first so i can still be at ur wedding and be ur bridesmaid and so on. Haha.

Don't worry, I would like to have everyone comes to my wedding with their little cutie pie in hand - i mean, babies. 

I'm cool liddat. 

See, I said I'm cool.

Wawa Cool.