Isnin, 30 April 2012

minggu emas kami

alhamdulillah, selamat kembali drpd short trip to kyusyu! weeehuuu.... hidup lebih indah andai bergumbira bersama kgkwn! ngehe.

a panic start - ruby tersilap tgok tym bus smpi, 21:30 yg diinterpret as 11:30 mlm.haha! well, such an unpredictable mistake though..we missed the bus at daigaku kaikan, so we rushed to hiroshima eki. thanks to adek lah, our new driver a.k.a my baek-hati-kouhai yg anta ktorg. catched up the giri-giri train to hiroshima eki, then had to run as the time gap was only 2 minutes, fuuh~ kus smngt.

memulakan hari seawal jam 4pagi, it was toooo long to call it a day. terasa mcm da lenguh otot kaki berjalan, yet jam di tangan baru menunjukkn angka 10pagi. patutlah islam menggalakkan umatnya berpagi-pagian, longer time utk bekerja or wat ppe. menghabiskan masa bersiar-siar sekeliling kokura town, jenguk-jenguk kokura castle, bersembang bukan maen nk rak dgn pakcik samurai yg ade pedang real, xtvt melompat-lompat n blablabla. kesimpulannya, round kokura la.

semangat x maen 'kejar-kejar'? thehe.

then, 3petang, cek in hotel. haaa...serius, sgt amat berpuas hati dgn bilik deluxe yg kami dapat. rse mcm nk dok jek kt dlm tuh xnk kua2. well, salah satu nikmat terbesar mse kua ryoko ialah keselesaan bilik hotelnye kn.hehehe. lebih berbaloi dari price i guess.

lihat muke teruje kami semua. abaikan the mess.

outing sesi malam - sunset at mojiko retro. mmg sungguh retro bangunan2 kt situ, even eki dy pon rse cm sungguh tradisional, n buruk.haha.bukan la buruk hodoh tu, tp buruk lama la i mean. osusume tokoro bg sesiapa yg nk melayan perasaan, xpon utk pasangan-pasangan berchenta p kua dating.hehe.opss, mksud sy, suami isteri laa.hehe. disebabkan sy bersama a bunch of kanak-kanak 'giler' yg super aktif, x sempat sgt la nk melayan perasaan. asyik saket peruk bergelak ketawa dgn aksi-aksi mereka di depan camera.

elvis presley kononnye.

actually, tujuan sebenar nk ke space world jek.hehe. smngt book hotel skali sbb sje jek nk bg tenaga penuh tahap maksimum untuk menjerit melalak mase maen roller coaster.  memang melalak sungguh. tmbh menarik kalau ad sek-sek kecut perut nek menatang tu kn, mmg siyes sgt indah prasaannya. bukan sje ad 'hiburan' tambahan dnga dorg menjerit sakan, anda pon bley join skali menjerit berirama.haha. (joking ne ;p)

(curi kt instagrm aimi ;p)

sperti yg dikhabarkn oleh semua org, space world mmg xdek org. eyh itu hyperbola, mnunggu utk masok rumah hantu sejam setengah kottt.. tym ktorg g, org ramai jek tp xdek la seramai usj yg mmg sesak n padat tu kn. ade la jugk tmpt2 yg kne tunggu dlm setengah jam gtu jek. ok la tu, myb sbb nga cuti golden week kot kn, so org pon ramai.huhu.

kesimpulannya, trip kali ni mmg best! beryoko bersama kgkwn mmg sgt saiko. nxt tym buley plan g mne2 lg! hehe.

sume org dgn version muke hodoh.hodoh cmne pon,ciptaan Tuhan itu masih ttp indah.ngehehe.

p/s- a good reminder utk dri sndri, yappari rumah antu or segala mcm yg sepupu sepapat dgnnye itu muri. i tried (for second time dlm sejarah hidop), n i thought ia mungkinlah tidak 'sesusah' mana..nanoni...yep, i survived n still alive tp my head will remember that cuakness at least for about another 5years kot.haha.hyper.

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

is this possible?!

i had planned to watch king 2 hearts today. i did, but just until part 2 of the second episode, i stopped. its not that i dun like the story or get disgusted by the so-called frog face main actor (seriously i dun think he has those frog look alike on his not-so-cute-but-ok-la-korean face tuh). whatever.. people free to judge. but i just curious about how could u say someone's face looks like an animal? just how pretty/handsome u might be to have such that confidence to judge others huh?
eyh, enough with the complaint. actually, i stopped watching that drama since i knew his brother is gonna die. i pretty like his brother, ever since the first episode. so, just by knowing the character u like will die sooner, it would just take away your mood to continue watching. grrrr.. yeah, i'm the type of emotional one.

then, since i got nothing to do so i decided to continue reading the novel which the last time i had that book in my hand is weeks ago.

the book which is soooooo not me.haha.

this kind of book is sure not my stuff. but, since my senior give it to me so why not if i give it a try. i took about one week to reach half of the book, guess i could do better with the chicken soup series though.hehe. 

reading this book probably give me a scene of glamorous lifestyle of an artist being married to a popular footballer. i dun think ayu raudhah & zaquan adha have fit this scale yet, but to put posh victoria & david beckham as well in the league, whoooaaaaa.. that is sure REALLY big. 

the story tells about Angel, a Britain's top model, being married to a sexy and popular footballer, Cal. they just have their first baby and Cal is transferred to AC Milan. from there the conflict starts. the story revolves around Angel and Cal who's struggling to save their marriage. the more i read, the more complicated this story goes, and the more i knew about Angel. it sure doesn't feel good when u found your resemblances in someone, i mean i did think me and Angel shared somethings in common - the way she pushed her partner, the way she depressed herself for no reason, the fluctuation of her mood within a second, even something which man really dun like in girls - girl's EGO.

i got tired when i reached the part where Angel tried her best to win over Cal again. she keeps trying despite the fact he didn't even moved by his wife's effort. owh man. thus, i couldn't help myself from turning to the last page of the book - its best to go straight to the ending i guess.hehe.

and u know what, i got startled with the last sentences on the last page which is 
"Ethan, take me, I'm yours"

and i was like `#$%&*@#

who is Ethan? what the heck is going on? where on earth did this guy come from? i had read almost half of the book and i didn't even find any single person with the name of Ethan, thus why...??? homaigaddd unbelievable! i dunno if this is the pattern of this kind of book, but since i'm pretty korean-love story oriented people, i just can't believe this type of ending is possible, i mean, did happen. haha. because of the curiosity, i desperately searched the name Ethan from page to page which took me almost another half to the ending.

dun u find it amazing? i mean, i used to have this kind of thinking - 'if he's the first, he's gonna be the last'. unfortunately, experience probably proves me wrong, and there are many other peoples out there as the living proof that my idea is not too realistic -.- a conclusion, just live your life to the fullest. if in this book, it takes more than half of the story for Angel to meet her real soul mate, then possibly yours would take three quarter then. well, three quarter in a book is just about equal to 365 days minus plus ^^,  

just pray for the best!

Khamis, 19 April 2012

nomikai desu~!

i just can't wait for another seconds to tell everything about my first nomikai!!

yeah, after 3years plus plus, this is my first time of joining such an event like that, and since my lab is full with super duper busy people, we didn't have the opportunity to hold such a welcoming party in the early of this month. but then, finally, today was the day.

Allah really loves me a lot, seriously.

i'm having a really good time there, together with my 3 new brothers. ahha, that's the point. and that's the main reason while i'm being super duper happy like this (super duper is the favorite words of the day). we have 3 indonesian people in our lab, phd students, and i thought they were all soo tsumetai because they didn't even say hi to me on my first day at the lab. yet, me, the chronic negative thinker me, who's keep judging people negatively as my first impression, turns out everything that i think was wrong. 
they are totally upside down. 

they are all crazy yet matured people. i couldn't even remember when is the last time i'm being crazy as i was today. and as u all know, i am not really good with new people, but them, their craziness make me feel like we have known each other since years ago! i couldn't stop laughing at all through two hours of the nomikai. time sure did fly faster than it's usual.

they did say this - just think of them as my own brothers, really.
i'm still feeling like being in the air. being treated like u were really their in-matured kawaiii youngest sister really made my day. well, as the last child in the family i prefer to do nothing, i mean not to have to think or decide on anything. i like people to decide them for me, or better said, i like everything being taking care by others for me, and that is what they did. really, they were like brothers to me, even of course my brothers are younger than them though. haha!

crazy yet matured - that's the key. 

 Allah sure does love me. He let me stay with my Japanese friends, He let me be in my favorite sensei's lab, He put me under the super duper kindest sensei supervisor, He let me be on my flexible time to go to the lab, He let me have my favorite subject as my final year project theme, He even let me meet 3 new super kind brothers. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for all Your blessing. 

Rabu, 18 April 2012

random #1

'writing is the anti-dote for the loneliness'  - homaigadd really?? i hvn't been writing for ages since my last post nearly about a month ago. is this a really good sign? thehe. there's no more word loneliness in my life's dictionary (oh no.i forgot how to spell 'dictionary'! thanks to the computer and software engineers who were sooo genius solving the algorithm and so on to create this spelling checker function program. i had that kind of task for programming last semester, and seriously no kidding, they were toooo impossible to think! salute for those engineers!)

so, a little update of myself, not for my small amount of readers, but just something for me to refer to. i dun really know whats am i up to lately. 

i am in my final year now, production system engineering laboratory, and maybe my final year project will be about supply chain in asia, or product management and inventory simulation for asia or bla3 that i dun really know. one thing for sure, there will be 'asia' in it. and yeah, i am an engineering student yet there's about 60~70% of my lab's projects are dealing with economy and business. whatever.. i really love what i am doing right now! thanks God for giving me the best for me. seriously i really enjoy every single day at lab even there's nothing much to do there since i dun have laptop, and i'm spending my time almost on reading the thesis and once a while twittering through my phone.hehe.

saijou is not the same anymore. everyone is keep changing, yeah some being better, while there's some getting weirder. i just wish i could spend my last year here peacefully. and in order not to regret my life here later, i would like to create much more colorful experiences with those awesome people here. be positive because u are invulnerable - a phrase i had read somewhere before.

last but not least. this is my latest favorite song. it keeps rolling and rolling in my head. i'm not a die hard fan for linkin park, but so far as my concern, i would say i like all of their songs. hehe.

pretty cool hu?