Khamis, 6 Ogos 2009

~ bEing xCiTed to sEe hiM ~

aLhamdulillah setelah beberapa hari sye mninggalkn blog ini,arini t'gerak hati sye utk m'coretkn sesuatu...

Exam da abes n skrg da start natsu yasumi or in englishnye~summer holiday!
yEah,its the tym dat i've been waiting for..i'll be come back to malaysia,to see my beluv parent. It is just about ten days from now....can't wait till 19th of sept.
* be cool wawa~u've being waited for 6 months till today, there'll b no reason u can't wait for another more ten days right? the holidays got started, there are too many activities in my calendar right now...tomorrow,we'll be going to seaside of shimane (an hour from hiroshima) for our family day,then the next day i'll b in yamanashi to meet my friends there and also hve to support them for hiking the mount of fuji! Fuji san,they are coming~but without me..i'll be just mingling around at fujikyuu then..

two days ago, my senior took me to a conference by all the youth nation around the world. As we all know, my 'hometown' Hiroshima had being bombed in 6th of august( sorry,can't remember the year specifically), thus there'll be someone special from Malaysia that is going to give a talk. and i was so so xcited to see him! Our 4th prime minister, he was here~

it was my 1st tym to see him eye to eye...1st tym to see him giving talk...He was so amazing...Compared to everyone who also gave speech before him, he was the best. Talking his idea on his own without referring to any text..Yeah, of course he had his own text but about 60~70% of his speech is not based on the text. (we realized it as we saw the translator having quite some problem translating his words of speech into japanese =P )

i'm not a pro-governmet or anti-government neither...but, as he was the one who invented this "LOOK EAST POLICIES", the policies that had allowed me to be here today stdying in japan, so i'm just being too xcited hve the chance to meet him...

well, maybe i'm too lack of knowledges to talk much about politics but my mind hve been set up that i should respect evrybody who has being there along my journey of life and he is one of them.

*to see evryone were giving him a tremendously big applouse for his speech, i were very proud to hve him in my country as i can able to say ~ he used to b my prime minister b4~
then,after the speech,we've had d opportunity to hve some chat with him and of course la to snap few pictures..
"blaja leklok..kamu suma ni produk of malaysia",he said...

his wife was also there and talking like a mom to us...
giving some advices
and also reminded us about our health...(h1N1..)..
really soft and had d feelin lyk a mom is holding our hand.
.never imagine that she was too kind and such a humble person..

and u know wat~they were coming to dat conference place just by bus with all of his bodyguards and teams .. ( i still remembered when i was in AAj, wyf of Abe~ the Japan's prime minister on dat tym, coming to our place and she was in a merc or somekind like limousin..heee...)
*this was the bus~~

heeehe....k2..enuf for today bcoz i'm going to clebrate my friend's birthday after diz...
thanks God, having my life till this seconds and still be able to breathe ur priceless air..

Isnin, 3 Ogos 2009

~ mArrYing a jApAneSe bOy ~

My friend was coming juz now. She is my closest friend here, a japanese girl but not really that japanese type of people. Suzu, she's so cool and i do like her very much. Maybe we've got quite many similarities, thus we do like spend our time together.

I had stayed overnight at her home last month and i've learnt a lot about her and also her sister because she is living with her elder sister. They are so amazing. The relationship between them make me feel jelous. I wish I had an elder sister. The qualities that are inside her make me feel comfortable to be friend with.

But that's not the point here..I juz want to tell sumthin about our chattin juz now.

"Do u believe in ghost?"
"Yes, I do"
"Are u afraid of ghost?"
"Of course I am..."
"Then u believe in God but u didn't see Him in that way?"

I've got nothing to answer her question...a litle bit quiet surround us for a while and then she's laughing..

"Am I too much?"

I juz smiled...Oh God, that's not the concept..We do believe in God and we do afraid of God but not in that way..How should I explaine it to her? It seems a tiny thing right but Suzu sometimes really really make me thinking about life and about God..(to state d fact that mybe juz me who r afraid of ghost..huhu)

She likes to ask about everything. About my tudung, about my solat, about my dressing, about my lifestyle...everything about me that's seems somethin new for her. Haha..that so so innocent japanese girl..

But she does respect my religion. She respects me as a muslim..Whenever she wants to come visiting me, she'll buy something for me but before that, she'll call me first to ask

"can u eat this?"
"can u take this?"
"can u drink that?"
"how about chocolate?"
"then shortening?"
"can u eat sumthin with gyuunyuu?",

and much much more...I love her in that way.

She also once had asked me about chicken...Why I can't eat japan's chicken?

"chicken kirai?"

It's not like that la...huhu, sorry Suzu as i'm quite bad in xplaining my religion..

Ahh, one more thing...about marrying japanese boy...'s quite funny actually...

"Wawa, do u have any plan marrying another man besides malay people?"
"Nope, 've never thought of it. Why?"
"What do u think of japanese boy then?"
"Hurmm...maybe quite gentleman..because they are always helping me", I said with smile.

"Do u like them? How about thinking be married to one of them? It's not too bad right?"

Hahaha..i burst out into laugh...

"Zettai muri!"
"Why not?"
"It is not as simple as u think lah..He has to convert into muslim like me and be such a good religious man then"
"Then, why dont u be like him?"
"I love being muslim. Proud of being a muslim"...

Thanx Suzu, u make me thinks more about myself, about what are i'm supposed to do as a muslim... I've to learn more and more to make sure i'll able to answer every each of ur question, one day soon..

Thanx for being my friend and i hope we'll be friend forever n ever. Thumbs up!

Ahad, 2 Ogos 2009

....hAri-hARi yG haMpiR tAmaT....

hari-hari ape agknye yg sye mksudkn??

hari-hari yg hmpir tamat...smelah mksudnye dgn dunia yg smakin ke penghujungnye..
penghujung dunie sme x dgn penghujung nyawe?

t'pulang pde dri sndri nk definisikn mcm bg sye d cni, p'hujung dunie adelah p'hujung nyawe...dan p'hujung nyawe adelah p'hujung dunia...Tatkala nafas mule t'henti, roh mule menyeringai utk b'cerai dr jasad, saat dan tika itulah p'hujung nyawe.. Dan ketika itu pastilah p'hujung dunie utk dri kite.. Merayulah mcm mne sekalipun, dunie ni akn kite tingglkn. Tiada lagi peluang kedua. Sekalipun jasad kite ni msih berada ats muke bumi Tuhan ni,tp roh kite da xde.. Tiada nikmat dunie utk kite rasai lagi... P'hujung dunie...

Actually, nk gtaw esok adelah my last paper for this final exam.. Senkei and english.. Sye b'usahe sdaya upaya sye.... n sye hnye mmpu utk b'twkkl skunk...
Huhu...susa la senkei ni...sye blaja mcm mne skalipon x fhm2...
Tuhan,permudahkn kefahaman sye...

Sahabat2 sye..
Doakn sye ye... n sye pun akn sntiase m'doakn anda sume...
Semoga kite dpt melakukn yg t'baik n iALLAH Tuhan ade gnjrn yg t'baik utk kite sume...