Khamis, 24 Jun 2010

haL skOLa

sesi luahan perasaan.

cerita ttg kelas bi. ttg senseinye yg salu terasa bagus. n ttg student yg naek nypmh dgn bliaw. ttg 'adat' yg xleyh dtrime pakai. ttg ketidak relaannya nk g kelas tu da. 
n guess wut, he is an english man. (bese org x pueh ati ng sensei eigo org japan jek kn..)

'you guys are just annoying'


who's d annoying one skunk? we o u act?

citenye begini.
bliaw suh bce about 20 questions dlm bku ktorg tu n suh ktorg discuss about dat ques, n suh, we just did it.n last question is sumthin about 'tango' (kind of dance from argentina). my fren asked me, is dat 'tango' is somewut related to the 'kuroneko song'. (spe study kt jepon tp law xtaw lagu nie, xtaw nk ckp ape le kn).ok, smbung. then, i asked her, the 'tango' dat were used in that song is not a japanese word ke?sbb sy ingtkn tu tango nie --> 単語 , yg nie sebut dy tango jugk. n she said nope, it was a katakana word. then, sy pun ckp la aah la tuh, sbb tango nie mmg sejenis dance n cm msok plak ng lirik lgu tuh.

then u know wat, just suddenly out from nowhere he appeared besides us n said;

'if u guys couldn't get all correct for this questions, u're just annoying because u're talking about something else ++ blablabla n blablabla lg...'

n i was like, 


wasn't he hear d word TANGO dat we were discussing is all from the question?
is he deaf?
who's d annoyed one here?

hate myself for being silly not to defend own self n my friends.
at d end, i was just like, " la, u're d one dat alwez right, yeah u're d greatest one, yeah u know everything till d smallest tinniest thing in d world, yeah, u're d God of ur own, n blablablabla". hell yeah, i've never been angrier then this before.

this is not d 1st time. 3rd time, o myb 4th time.
a fact dat i've tried my best to put aside (try to b +ve la konon) is dat, he always looks at me like i'm very stupid n x bley diharap just because i'm being with my two japanese friends in d class. yeah, he hates nihonjin n always looks down on them. myb now, on me as well. ye, there are another two of my malay friends in dat same class but because i've been with my jpnese friends from d morning class, so i thought i should just stayed with them for d next class which is dat eigo class.

yeah, i know he is still my sensei, i don't have d right to talk bad about him, but i just can't stand if he keeps thinking dat nihonjin is too baka. ye sy ngaku, mmg l budak2 jepang nie sgt sgt sgt sgt lemah pngetahuan am n jugk penguasaan english nye, tp try to b kind sket buley x? imagine if he were in their shoes, dr kecik mmg xde penekanan eigo, tbe2 besar2 msok dai da nk kne layan bbc news la ape la sume tue, spe kate x susa. 

i've seen my friends worked hard on eigo so i don't think they deserved his 'looking down temptation'.

np tbe2 bekin nihonjin plak nie?

sbb sy tensen ng sensei sy tuh.
luahan perasaan tamat.

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