Sabtu, 5 Mei 2012

minggu emas part2

a short update of myself.
busy working on a man this lately.haha! (ade ke org ckp mcm tuh?)

ok, actually it is a joke, seriously i'm just kidding. homaigadd since when did i become such a pathetic kan? thehe.

spending my second half of golden week with sweetest friends from saga and saitama,

my faces were all like just copy-and-paste..geessh.. myb i need to be more 'creative'.

thanks guys sbb dtg cni jejaoh n spend time dgn me, and sorry for such a bad hospitality. hehe. and also thanks for 'those' tips, i'm not very sure if i'm gonna use them or not, anyway, i do appreciate your help! ;))

untuk hiburan semata-mata, lullaby sebelum tdoq.thehe.

like a river flows to the sea, so it goes something are meant to be.. lalala~

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