Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

huda, u have to read this!

well, october seems soo busy dgn birthday org-org tersayang. *eceh, bace sndri rse nk t'golek muntah*
eyh, tp btollah, org-org tersayang.

(tibe-tibe rse nk menyelit satu kisah dri sebuah drama korea)

A asked B whether B is sayang-ing A or not.
then B said, "how should i know?" 
then A said, "will u cry for me?"
B burst into laugh then answered, "no way!!"
"even if I were going to die?" tanye si A lg.
then B replied, "u try to die first, then let me see if i'm gonna cry or not"

and after few days, A died, and no one know the reason why, and B is left with full of regret.
if only B had said yes on that day....

ahha! pengajarannya, kenapa susah sgt nk mengaku syg dkt org? hewhewhew~

i heart u, u heart me,
but u know right, that i heart u more, but it doesn't mean u heart me less.i know.

gambo zaman kite muda-muda dlu.hehe. dis pitch was taken 4 to 5 years ago if i'm not mistaken. ohmaii.. how time flies..

apabila sedikit meningkat dewasa.. seee, we both come to realize that senyum tunjuk gigi itu is much better. ahaha.

saengil chukkha hae uri huda.
huda neun, naega neomu neomu chua hae, neomu neomu sarang hae, al lla?
 jal ji neh!
plus, may Allah bless ;))
(ahhhaa. terabor bahase hentam keromo.)

iAllah 6bulan lagi kita ketemu di utara ya, wait for me!

anyway, huda is my best friend in high school. we used to be melekat berdua ke mane-mane. 
during my teenage time, my attitude was pretty bad (compared to now, da dewase sket, matang iA), i was really such a hot-tempered girl, and the worst part was i really xley terima any advice from others. i loved to talk back and as the result, people would leave me alone. 
si-panas-baran-and-x-suka-dnga-nasihat-orang me.
 but then, there's huda, the only one that i'd listen to, even dgn sedikit memberontak.

i treated her pretty badly back then, but i know, she does know me very well, thus she tolerated a lot, i meant, really really LOT. thanks for being such a super-duper nice best friend huda!

and also, the one with the best remedy - u helped me a lot, through ups and downs, joys and tears, even in the hardest time of mine, u were there, supporting me, giving me strength. give u 5 extra loves for that!

yeah, one more thing, i think u know that i DO envy u for your spm's result. of course people keep saying, spm is just a SPM, plus, it was 6years ago plak tu kn. haha.but still, can't help to feel jeles!

ok lah, nnt jd entry meleret pulak.

last but not least, one more time,
i heart u, 
a lot a lot a lot.
be a nice doctor, and make sure your house is just next to mine, in case i'm marrying not a genius doctor, but a machoss engineer. haha.

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along berkata...

orang cakap, kalau sayangkan seseorang kena bgtau.. sebelum terlambat..

alhuda berkata...

(ok, exaggerated response detected. please stay aside haha)

wawa i wrote longg response in your fb msg. read it now!

if only you could see what's in my heart. i truly can't see you being sad, and i will try my best to put a smile on your face...
for Allah's sake, i love you so much friend :')

thankssssss for the entry and letting me know about the spm result huhu

Dzulaikha berkata...

haha..wa, same here~
can't help myself too for being jealous with other's spm results ><