Jumaat, 13 Disember 2013

Thanks God I found You.

Thanks God I found you.

Last Sunday I had encountered a new thing in my life - the doctor said I got gastric.
Speechless and shock. I thought gastric is just about stomach ache. I had totally no idea that my headache, nauseous feeling and so on is all coming from that one issue.

I need to be rested, yet I got plenty of work need to be done. The previous week I had already pulun my job, working 5days which feels like 5months, and I need to continue doing that, at least until the end of this week. Because I have a Japanese supporter coming here to guide me and work together with me for this two weeks. So, I need to be fit and on my optimized mode. Who had ever thought that I would lost my biggest tip - I lost my appetite. Unable to eat even felt so hungry. Put in a bit of force, end up I vomitted them out. I was no more energetic as before. One day felt so long so un-end-able. Though, I survived till the day five since I met the doctor.

And today, I nearly loss another something big tip of mine - my precious.

Thanks God I've found you. Why did you slip away suddenly?
You getting bigger suddenly, or my finger getting skinnier this recently?

Indeed, people keep saying the second option more.

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