Isnin, 3 Ogos 2009

~ mArrYing a jApAneSe bOy ~

My friend was coming juz now. She is my closest friend here, a japanese girl but not really that japanese type of people. Suzu, she's so cool and i do like her very much. Maybe we've got quite many similarities, thus we do like spend our time together.

I had stayed overnight at her home last month and i've learnt a lot about her and also her sister because she is living with her elder sister. They are so amazing. The relationship between them make me feel jelous. I wish I had an elder sister. The qualities that are inside her make me feel comfortable to be friend with.

But that's not the point here..I juz want to tell sumthin about our chattin juz now.

"Do u believe in ghost?"
"Yes, I do"
"Are u afraid of ghost?"
"Of course I am..."
"Then u believe in God but u didn't see Him in that way?"

I've got nothing to answer her question...a litle bit quiet surround us for a while and then she's laughing..

"Am I too much?"

I juz smiled...Oh God, that's not the concept..We do believe in God and we do afraid of God but not in that way..How should I explaine it to her? It seems a tiny thing right but Suzu sometimes really really make me thinking about life and about God..(to state d fact that mybe juz me who r afraid of ghost..huhu)

She likes to ask about everything. About my tudung, about my solat, about my dressing, about my lifestyle...everything about me that's seems somethin new for her. Haha..that so so innocent japanese girl..

But she does respect my religion. She respects me as a muslim..Whenever she wants to come visiting me, she'll buy something for me but before that, she'll call me first to ask

"can u eat this?"
"can u take this?"
"can u drink that?"
"how about chocolate?"
"then shortening?"
"can u eat sumthin with gyuunyuu?",

and much much more...I love her in that way.

She also once had asked me about chicken...Why I can't eat japan's chicken?

"chicken kirai?"

It's not like that la...huhu, sorry Suzu as i'm quite bad in xplaining my religion..

Ahh, one more thing...about marrying japanese boy...'s quite funny actually...

"Wawa, do u have any plan marrying another man besides malay people?"
"Nope, 've never thought of it. Why?"
"What do u think of japanese boy then?"
"Hurmm...maybe quite gentleman..because they are always helping me", I said with smile.

"Do u like them? How about thinking be married to one of them? It's not too bad right?"

Hahaha..i burst out into laugh...

"Zettai muri!"
"Why not?"
"It is not as simple as u think lah..He has to convert into muslim like me and be such a good religious man then"
"Then, why dont u be like him?"
"I love being muslim. Proud of being a muslim"...

Thanx Suzu, u make me thinks more about myself, about what are i'm supposed to do as a muslim... I've to learn more and more to make sure i'll able to answer every each of ur question, one day soon..

Thanx for being my friend and i hope we'll be friend forever n ever. Thumbs up!

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alhuda berkata...

owh wawa u still cant avoid ur fear of ghost!!!
i still remembered the moment when someone wanted to tell a ghost story, u'll shout:'xnk dgr!!'

anyway wut is suzu's faith?

as a muslim, plus in the non-muslim country, u should xpect such questions=)

dont worry or feel bad if u unable to give a good answer, Allah really wanna teach u how well u know about Him and His creatures=)
so, instead of thinking how is Allah like, think about His creatures that surrounds u guys.

if some people thought the nature occurs by coincidence, it's actually too perfect to be coincidence.

there is one story regarding believe in things that we can't see(aku ingat2 lupe ar cite ni sbnrnye,btulkan if salah,ni lbey kurg laa):

an intelligent man asked a pious man 3 questions,how do u believe in Allah since u cant see Him?wut is takdir?If Satan is made by fire, n he'll enter hell which also made by fire, how would the fire harm him since they are made by the same thing?

(i think u better read the story by urself hehe, pjg skit cite die)

Tanpa Nama berkata...

wawa, ckp kat suzu, "yoroshiku"..

adityasofea berkata...

huda ni....

igtkn aq ad tulis pape yg t'clap ke...
nway,thanx..and about the ghost,still don't hve dat strenght la..

saba,t i gtaw dy ye..
nway, she's coming to my hometown diz summer!

SiNaR cAHaYa pErtAma berkata...


erm.. nk kongsi citer nie ngan wawa n sume yg baca..
hari tue tyme usrah kak u (bkn nama sbnr) sampaikan citer nie pada kitorg..
die ckp nie kisah kawan die..
ad sorg nihonjin tue tnye kat die.. asal org islam xley kawin dgn org agama lain.. n then dgn sempoi nye kwn akak tue jawab... sbb matlamat hidup die lain dengan matlamat hidup kita... so buat ap nk kawin dengan org yang lain matlamat..

bila terfikir tentang tue...
aku pon terkedu...
btol jugak... kalau kita naek kapal... org tue nk g eropan kita nak gi arab.. xkn kite nk naek kapal yang sama... kan...

marilah sama2 kita fikirkan~

siti_sha berkata...

salam buat semua...

menarik2! just utk difikirkan....tak kenal maka tak cinta...


ps: kalo cuti contact ler saya...