Jumaat, 1 Januari 2010

+ thAnx DiLa +

so, how's d holidays?
still not d endin yet ryte, ato 5 days daitai..

ere, juz want to say bye to hiroshima for d 2nd tym for diz winter
i'll b goin on a journey wit my fwen
money?? so so la..not so pretty enuff but guess still can afford it, iA..

n also farewell to my beluved fwen, dila.
thanx for bein in saijou, hiroshima
( though it is really really really uncomparable to tokyo, yet u were ere for 4days..kokoro kara kansya suru!)
had spent lots of tym wit u but still not enuff i think
but dun worry, iA next tym i'll b there, in tokyo
n we'll b spendin our tym 2gether lyk we used to b before at aaj.

although we are thousand miles parted away
our hearts will alwys b 2gether
we'll b breathin d same air by our same God
we'll b livin in our same world wit our same determination
n iA
we'll always b there for each other
thanx for bein such a good fren
n do hope may Allah bless us forever n ever
luv u fillah
ukhwah fillah abadan abada.

hope we'll b always on d same path
towards Him.

3 ulasan:

waheemenaip berkata...

klu jln tkyo,jgn segan2 jln chiba ye wa~~~;)

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

i kn pemalu orgnye..

waheemenaip berkata...

pemalu la sgt..
klu anda pemalu,saye brganda2 malunye...