Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

chiCken sOup for sOuL

yep,  found another worth-reading series of books again.

: chicken soup for soul :

2 for 2000yen.

bru sampai td, yet da bce nk dekat separuh for d first book. hehe.
sy beli dua jek, sbb cm nk bli bundle tros byk2 tkot x abes baca plak kn. mmg la x salah utk berlaku tamak dlm perkara yg mendatangkan benefit, tp memandangkan sgt lah dekat sudah dgn exam n pastu plak cuti blik mesia n bla bla bla, i wonder sy x sempat nk cekuh sume n berhabuk plak nnt. hehe.
thanx to k.wanee (my senior here) because she's the kikkake.
 sy first time tgok bku ni kt rumah dy, chicken soup for teenage soul. sy bce sket n just after few pages, i fall in love with that book.

so, i began to search online about this chicken soup's series, n bnyk ropenye.

n i bought two of them - chicken soup ; open the heart n rekindle the spirit, n chicken soup for the teenage soul ; life, love n learning. ( i know i'm no longer a teenager, i'm a grown-up yet pre-matured level woman =.= , who cares..i still need to learn right?)

ok, other than that,
esok ad bbq oysters kt hiroshima ni. n i'm going, even though i'm among those who lost one over thousands graces given by God for not eating those 'sea creatures'
so, i'm planning to bring this along! :)

sgt x fhm kenapa muffin ni x naek2. byk kot da tarok tepung soda tuh.
(never got d talent T.T)

okai, got to continue reading. excited.

 "underneath all the layers we construct to protect ourselves, our dignity, our degrees, our status n our need to be seen in certain ways - remains the authentic, essential self called soul. if that part of u, n that part of mine could recognize each other, we wouldn't be enemies. we couldn't have hate or envy or fear"
-chicken soup for soul : open the heart n rekindle the spirit-

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cik n0_miey berkata...

ish..lawa je ko nye muffin..ak wat pon xnek gk..hehe

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

ni bakar setengah jam dy x nek2 pon, jd nk hangus ade le. huk2.

||aLeaSaRa|| berkata...

yuhuu sggh sini support n3 kwn2!jom baca senarai Malaysia Book Of Records;

dina darwina berkata...

dina reti wat kek jerw...huhu..muffin x reti..