Ahad, 22 Mei 2011

haunted song haunted drama

compress n surpress - dat is wut i need to do right now, about my feeling.
omGod, 24hours instead of programming, there is a big round space in my head (n also my heart) thinking about nagareboshi! (japanese drama, not the latest one, it's being on tv through 2010 and i'm sorry for being soooo last year)

wut's wrong with me? i meant, wut's wrong wit dat drama?!
my mind keep repeating n repeating the scene n d dialog (even not dat sweet), and also how's their face plus reaction n emotion as well. aaaaaaaaaa, i hate this feeling!
i can't do my homework, i can't focus on my study, i'm unable to do anything!

yep, trust me. dat drama is sooooo haunted =.='
wish i had never watched it.

come with bonus, haunted song.

p/s. huuuuu... still in programming mode. first time in my life here, went to school 7days a week.wow! yet can't imagine i have to do this for the next few weeks. iA, with God will :)

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