Rabu, 16 November 2011

bolero - up up and away ~

got the new look!
ehemm.. since da buhsan dgn yg lame kn.hehehe. x salah untuk mengambil langkah berani dgn mencuba sesuatu yg baru.hoho. betul x?

well, since life is gettin complicated these days, sy x dpt nk beraksi normal dgn semua orang, so, pardon me for that, really sorry. iA, gettin much better as time passes, n i'm back on the track. heeee..

for the past few days, i kept listening to this DBSK song. well, boleh la nk ckp bulan ni memanjang demam dbsk, n semuanya bermula drpd jejoong dlm citer protect the boss. oh, just fyi, skunk xde le minat jejoong sgt da, he's second compared to xiah junsu 

*heeeeeeeeeeeee grinnnnnnnnnnn*
(ciss gatal betul perempuan nih. oh i'm sorry)

ok, back to the story. i've found this song is pretty inspiring. i dunno why, just somekind like motivating myself, urghh even xto daripada mana kaitannye, woohha!!
 so, i raped the replay button on the utube (omg the youtubers taught me this phrase!), dan boleh kata setiap minit setiap saat lagu ni di telinga. ceyh, kalau berzikir kn lagi bagus. istighfar sekejap.huhu.

nak tahu lagu ap?
feel free to click the utube video on your left. i put it as lullaby for this week.hehehe.
wanna know the implicit and explicit meaning of this song? me as well. so i did google the translation since my nihongo pon ala-ala basi mcm nasik ayam da sebulan terperup dlm peti sejuk.
and, here it is.

'on the moon stage that floats in the darkness
i had a dream of you dancing there
the deep, deep wound of your heart
don't bear them all one by one
nobody will blame you
it's okay to be who you are

let me hear the melody of the lovely, fragile
balleria that is played by your tiptoes
fly up
your sadness will also find a place to be healed

inside the dark room
the satisfying overflow from the window of the heart
dreams grow under the moon light
you frantically engrave the rhythm of hope
dreams grow
you seem to be yourself
you flap your wings freely
and search for the answer that no one will ever know

let you dance away
don't you know, yeah
i'll stand by your side
fly away, fly away, fly away, fly all the way to the top
fly forever yeah yeah yeah

forever i will continue to iluminate you
i will watch over your future
no matter where you go
i'll continue to wish for u
i'll protect so..

let me hear the dazzling, heart-rending
ballerina that shines by passion
the song of joy
you're never alone
fly up with all your life's strength
your place is here
your place...
is here'

yes, my place is here.
n yes, i am never alone. minna iru jyann? :)

i will fly up with all of my life's strength, even if i am not a ballerina, i am an engineer (-to-be), so what?
lets do our best, because we don't even know what is waiting for us ahead.

inspiring right?

p/s. i dun mind if u want to take this song as ur so called inspiring song as well, just dun take my xiahhhhh... :p

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