Ahad, 25 Disember 2011

keep fighting!

we're doing crazy things these few days, to kill our time.. to be specific, cheer up our christmas hols. hoho.

i like these children. they are so much fun, very sporting, and very genki. 
most important, they will never say never. never, never say never, du du dud du du dud neva (owh ternyanyi lagu bieber plak)


we're having so much fun playing with the gurls mekapmekap thing, enjoying camwhoring to die, pose and pose, click and click (sound of camera), laugh and laugh, eat and eat, living our life.

yes, i am enjoying my life here. even without anyone concerns, i am living, living my life to the fullest.
i dun even have time to think about unnecessary thing. i dun have time to sober myself in the corner,
thanks to these children's existence.

u too. your world doesn't end even without me.
so do i.
our world is still keep revolving even we are no longer there for each other.
keep fighting!

2 ulasan:

Amy A. berkata...

yes instead we r childrenn...hik3

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...


children la tuh..