Ahad, 2 September 2012

dear me.

menjalani hari demi hari dgn perasaan 'esok iA akan cuba menjadi lebih baik'.

it's been almost one week since my return to japan, and until this second i dun even know what the heck am i doing with my time here. i've got few tasks to do for my final year project, and it is pretty critical since i have to restart from zero because the previous results showed 'something that have no future' (believe me or not, those mean facts was said by my sensei). so, i dun have any other options except for starting something new which require me to do some extra studies - and that is supposed to be my summer holiday's homework.

yet, since holidays is for HOLIDAYS, for sure la i dun even give a dang to do those homework kn? and haruslah right now i have to face the after effect of not doing them.

and that is the REAL problem right now. 
the zemi is just the day after tomorrow, i'm pretty sure my sensei is putting quite an expectation towards me. yet, if he knew that i did nothing for the task, i dunno what's his reaction would be.

so, i better get prepared, right? at least use this remaining two days to cover all the study that i should have done before.

yep, i have to study.

but, i dun want to do it. yaruki zenzen okin.

just say homesick is the excuse. but for the time being, i dun have any desire to do any majime stuff or think hardly for any serious matter. i just want to do nothing, can i?

and i know the mid-term presentation is just around the corner. thus, it is not a really good decision for me to follow this not-so-wise intuition. but, what can i do? i'm asking myself to giving me a chance just for the moment for me to lazying around and relaxing a lil bit my mind like this, just for a moment. and i'm promising myself, tomorrow i'll be better, and i'll do better.

so, pardon me for being such a bad me.
iAllah, tomorrow will be better.
i promise.

yours sincerely,
dear me.

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