Isnin, 4 Mac 2013

counting days 2 - i love my lab.

i'm missing the kenkyushitsu life already.
even compared to other laboratories, or other departments, ours can be said as spending the least time in lab, but still, there are times when we're all together staying up late till pass the midnight, running for the deadline and so on.
it was so much fun, and i'm pretty sure, i'm gonna miss them a lot.

after a while since the summer vacation, this is the first time for all of 7 of us were in the lab. our first zentai zemi was around the corner back then, so all of us were kinda nervous and dun really know how to do the presentation and so on.
and that was when we're coming closer to each other. well, since we're doing our final year project on our own, i mean, the experiments, the themes, all are different, so we dun have that much opportunities to talk to each other.

because we are the production system laboratory which almost 90 percents of the idea is about the best profit generated from the minimum time period with the maximum usage of workforce, so, this is what we do when we were given the task to submit 60 copies of our presentation abstracts by combining all 7 of ours into booklet type. kerjasama membawa berkat lah katakan.

our mid term presentation. our lab was the last to present, which was around 4 to 5 o'clock in the evening. so, instead of being nervous, we're all more to become exhausted of waiting.

ahah! same things were done for the final presentation. see, dat tallest guy. i'm always telling my friends that he's sumwhat similar with the big bang's TOP. i know TOP is wayyyyyyyy handsome-er, kakkoi-er, and er er er, but, i just wanna say that their voice type is similar - man deep voice, then, their behavior, i mean from what i see lah, then, their size of course. haha!
not to mention, their eyes ;p

done submitting our abstracts for the final presentation. see, we did everything in jemaah! even one person is enough for submitting those booklets, but we prefer to do it together, and that is why i really love them.

my lab members. spotted that awet muda bapak of mine in the front. phew, genki de ne otousan. 1nenkan hontouni hontouni osewa ni natte orimasu. ima no genjiten dewa hontouwa mada mada owattenainn desuga, tonikaku saki ni yutttoku wa, arigatai kimochi wo tsutaetai.
and also, those 3 kakang-kakang gue, makasih ya bapak bapak sekalian. iAllah panjang usia, kita ketemu lagi ya. saya menunggu bapak2 ke Malaysia, iA i'd give u all my warm welcome.

me and tasshi. everyone know that we're both workaholic (i can't really comment on this), and we spend much of our time together in the lab. even since my first year here, i already know that me and tasshi can really get together well, because there are some certain things similar within us. when it comes to study, we talk the same words. we compete in silence but we both know that we're competing each other. when we talk about future things, our ideas and our imaginations match really well. she's gonna walk the way i'd walk, i'm gonna take the path she'd take. i like her, she is really one of a kind.

eyh, but i do love my other friends too. hehehe, minna, daisuki dayo!
dandan samishikunattekita ne. 
i went to lab today, to edit my thesis and see my sensei, but only tasshi there. she came to print something. and then, there're only two of us, from seven of undergrad students. we both talked about the pertemuan and perpisahan. haih.. how time flies..

i'm gonna end the entry just like this. because i'm getting sadder and sadder as i'm typing this entry.
sore jya!

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