Isnin, 22 November 2010

.expect and accept.

expect the unexpected
accept the unaccepted. *unacceptable

expect d unexpected - biasa kn denga klo pegi motivasi mana2, ala time2 nk exam upsr, x pon pmr,  penceramah tu mst salu gune phrase ni. nk bg semangat la kt kte2 ni supaya bergerak lebih maju ke depan n brani to take d risk as xdek la tercatuk tang takuk lama jek.

'expectations - we all have them whether we realize it or not. trouble is, they can limit us in many ways. expectations are limiting. having them is a way of settin limits on our achievements.'

what do u expect?
what am i expecting?
rezeki datang bergolek tanpa perlu diusahakan. kerja sekolah siap tunggu submit tnpa keje keras usaha utk siapkan. exam result gempak tnp perlu ke hulu ke hilir usung buku utk study. 

what am i expecting?
everyone is thinking of me as the way i'm thinking of them. everyone is seeing me the way i'm seeing them. everyone is here for me as i guess i'm there for them. everyone is the same as me. everyone = me.

what if these things don't happen?
that's why i have to expect that unexpected one.

but, how to expect sumthin unexpected?
its simple.
try to accept the unacceptable.

p/s. urgh. supposed i'm in comp's lab right now doing my report, but still i'm wasting my time here. its just to0 cold outside.

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