Sabtu, 21 April 2012

is this possible?!

i had planned to watch king 2 hearts today. i did, but just until part 2 of the second episode, i stopped. its not that i dun like the story or get disgusted by the so-called frog face main actor (seriously i dun think he has those frog look alike on his not-so-cute-but-ok-la-korean face tuh). whatever.. people free to judge. but i just curious about how could u say someone's face looks like an animal? just how pretty/handsome u might be to have such that confidence to judge others huh?
eyh, enough with the complaint. actually, i stopped watching that drama since i knew his brother is gonna die. i pretty like his brother, ever since the first episode. so, just by knowing the character u like will die sooner, it would just take away your mood to continue watching. grrrr.. yeah, i'm the type of emotional one.

then, since i got nothing to do so i decided to continue reading the novel which the last time i had that book in my hand is weeks ago.

the book which is soooooo not me.haha.

this kind of book is sure not my stuff. but, since my senior give it to me so why not if i give it a try. i took about one week to reach half of the book, guess i could do better with the chicken soup series though.hehe. 

reading this book probably give me a scene of glamorous lifestyle of an artist being married to a popular footballer. i dun think ayu raudhah & zaquan adha have fit this scale yet, but to put posh victoria & david beckham as well in the league, whoooaaaaa.. that is sure REALLY big. 

the story tells about Angel, a Britain's top model, being married to a sexy and popular footballer, Cal. they just have their first baby and Cal is transferred to AC Milan. from there the conflict starts. the story revolves around Angel and Cal who's struggling to save their marriage. the more i read, the more complicated this story goes, and the more i knew about Angel. it sure doesn't feel good when u found your resemblances in someone, i mean i did think me and Angel shared somethings in common - the way she pushed her partner, the way she depressed herself for no reason, the fluctuation of her mood within a second, even something which man really dun like in girls - girl's EGO.

i got tired when i reached the part where Angel tried her best to win over Cal again. she keeps trying despite the fact he didn't even moved by his wife's effort. owh man. thus, i couldn't help myself from turning to the last page of the book - its best to go straight to the ending i guess.hehe.

and u know what, i got startled with the last sentences on the last page which is 
"Ethan, take me, I'm yours"

and i was like `#$%&*@#

who is Ethan? what the heck is going on? where on earth did this guy come from? i had read almost half of the book and i didn't even find any single person with the name of Ethan, thus why...??? homaigaddd unbelievable! i dunno if this is the pattern of this kind of book, but since i'm pretty korean-love story oriented people, i just can't believe this type of ending is possible, i mean, did happen. haha. because of the curiosity, i desperately searched the name Ethan from page to page which took me almost another half to the ending.

dun u find it amazing? i mean, i used to have this kind of thinking - 'if he's the first, he's gonna be the last'. unfortunately, experience probably proves me wrong, and there are many other peoples out there as the living proof that my idea is not too realistic -.- a conclusion, just live your life to the fullest. if in this book, it takes more than half of the story for Angel to meet her real soul mate, then possibly yours would take three quarter then. well, three quarter in a book is just about equal to 365 days minus plus ^^,  

just pray for the best!

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emi_liana berkata...

wawa,main actor tu x de la teruk sgt..
ak suke die..hehe..

maybe sbb muke die bkn jenis jambu,so org x suke sgt..

drama tu pun best gak..^_^

btw,bln 6 ni ak g konsert die..hehe

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

wow! konsert? he's a singer? or grup kpop mne2?

tu la..dy x sejambu actor2 len la,tp still mcm sugoi la sbb bley jek survive n byk jek drama big2 yg dy lead kn.sugoi2..