Rabu, 18 April 2012

random #1

'writing is the anti-dote for the loneliness'  - homaigadd really?? i hvn't been writing for ages since my last post nearly about a month ago. is this a really good sign? thehe. there's no more word loneliness in my life's dictionary (oh no.i forgot how to spell 'dictionary'! thanks to the computer and software engineers who were sooo genius solving the algorithm and so on to create this spelling checker function program. i had that kind of task for programming last semester, and seriously no kidding, they were toooo impossible to think! salute for those engineers!)

so, a little update of myself, not for my small amount of readers, but just something for me to refer to. i dun really know whats am i up to lately. 

i am in my final year now, production system engineering laboratory, and maybe my final year project will be about supply chain in asia, or product management and inventory simulation for asia or bla3 that i dun really know. one thing for sure, there will be 'asia' in it. and yeah, i am an engineering student yet there's about 60~70% of my lab's projects are dealing with economy and business. whatever.. i really love what i am doing right now! thanks God for giving me the best for me. seriously i really enjoy every single day at lab even there's nothing much to do there since i dun have laptop, and i'm spending my time almost on reading the thesis and once a while twittering through my phone.hehe.

saijou is not the same anymore. everyone is keep changing, yeah some being better, while there's some getting weirder. i just wish i could spend my last year here peacefully. and in order not to regret my life here later, i would like to create much more colorful experiences with those awesome people here. be positive because u are invulnerable - a phrase i had read somewhere before.

last but not least. this is my latest favorite song. it keeps rolling and rolling in my head. i'm not a die hard fan for linkin park, but so far as my concern, i would say i like all of their songs. hehe.

pretty cool hu?

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Amy A. berkata...

wah...this song sounds beri good with my big speaker!...;D

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

owh gossh..! i reali like that speaker!