Khamis, 19 April 2012

nomikai desu~!

i just can't wait for another seconds to tell everything about my first nomikai!!

yeah, after 3years plus plus, this is my first time of joining such an event like that, and since my lab is full with super duper busy people, we didn't have the opportunity to hold such a welcoming party in the early of this month. but then, finally, today was the day.

Allah really loves me a lot, seriously.

i'm having a really good time there, together with my 3 new brothers. ahha, that's the point. and that's the main reason while i'm being super duper happy like this (super duper is the favorite words of the day). we have 3 indonesian people in our lab, phd students, and i thought they were all soo tsumetai because they didn't even say hi to me on my first day at the lab. yet, me, the chronic negative thinker me, who's keep judging people negatively as my first impression, turns out everything that i think was wrong. 
they are totally upside down. 

they are all crazy yet matured people. i couldn't even remember when is the last time i'm being crazy as i was today. and as u all know, i am not really good with new people, but them, their craziness make me feel like we have known each other since years ago! i couldn't stop laughing at all through two hours of the nomikai. time sure did fly faster than it's usual.

they did say this - just think of them as my own brothers, really.
i'm still feeling like being in the air. being treated like u were really their in-matured kawaiii youngest sister really made my day. well, as the last child in the family i prefer to do nothing, i mean not to have to think or decide on anything. i like people to decide them for me, or better said, i like everything being taking care by others for me, and that is what they did. really, they were like brothers to me, even of course my brothers are younger than them though. haha!

crazy yet matured - that's the key. 

 Allah sure does love me. He let me stay with my Japanese friends, He let me be in my favorite sensei's lab, He put me under the super duper kindest sensei supervisor, He let me be on my flexible time to go to the lab, He let me have my favorite subject as my final year project theme, He even let me meet 3 new super kind brothers. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for all Your blessing. 

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Amy A. berkata...

see..when He take something u love..He'll give u something u love more...;p

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

hve to learn to appreciate more instead of asking for more ;))