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a Loooooooong entry, on universal face and budak kampung story

i have a reaaaally good story to tell.

u know what, wherever i go, people tend to say this to me,
'eyh, ur face very familiar lah!'
'aaaa.. muke same dgn si polan si polan!'
'ade kakak eyh blaja kt sini kt sini?'
'eyh aritu i saw someone muke mcm u lah!'

n bla bla bla. ohokkk. my face is sooo universal!

when i was in high school, junior high school to be exact, i still remember during the orientation week, some seniors noticed my face to be very similar with the school science's teacher. she's young, not married yet, and well, i think she' quite pretty but to say it myself with my own two lips while others grouping us as the 70 to 80% of face similarities, its kinda weird like i was saying my face pretty, on my own. o my God, please pardon me for saying that. seriously, this is not intended to say i'm pretty or whatsoever, its just, 
i wanna say that sensei is pretteyhh!
*i dunno why the heck i'm explaining it way too long here*

anyway, thanks to that teacher, i were noticed by many of the seniors. well, nice come to nicer (oh, ad ke phrase mcm nih?), she turned out to be our class teacher. i still remember her name, Miss Rosnani. she taught us science. well, i was still innocent on that time, just imagine, i'm just 13 y' old. oh, now it was like 11 years ago, how times flies. i like the part where we're standing side by side, next to each other. people tends to take a peek at us, and especially when it was during perhimpunan pagi or any occasions where there're lots of students and teachers paid attention to us. and she, of course easygoing and very sporting, she used to say, 
'aah, dy adik sy' and something like that. owh, i miss those moments.

well, actually that was the first time my face was recognized by others, and thanks to that teacher for acknowledging me, i lived a really good life during high school. u know, with my pretty passive personality, plus a quite complex and severe lack of confidence and inferiority, it is not that easy to come out live the life to the fullest. plus, it was hard during the first step, i meant, my first year. 

u know why it was hard?
i come from a really humble family, deep down from the rural area. there were less than 100 students in my elementary school, and there were only 18 students of standard 6. i was the first person to grab 5A's for the UPSR and broke the best record of that school which was my brother's before with 4A's and 1B's. that previous year, there're students with 4A's and 1C's, and 3A's and 2B's. that was the best record after my brother. it seemed incredibly impossible for that one subject to be A for other students, and if i'm not mistaken, no one ever had. well, i guess u all know what's that subject was. 
for sure it is English. 

budak kampung, sah sah lah x reti omputeh. zaman dulu bukan mcm zaman skrg ni. 
10 years ago, education system in rural area was not as good as nowadays. i could imagine the shock the teachers had when the government announced the usage of English in Science and Maths few years ago. i was shocked too, enough to die. for rural kids like us, English is something very terrifying. not that the teacher were giving up hope, in fact they were trying their best. not enough the skills from our own teacher, school paid more to invite English teacher from other schools, the excellent one. but still, students performance were the same.  

 i still remember back then when i was in high school and i went to visit my elementary school just to meet up with my beloved mom-like-teacher, and she asked me, how did i do, how did i got that A for my English, and how come i can score almost to full mark for my English paper during the school time. i'm not someone from a good education family background. no one in my family ever talk in English, neither we have tons of English drama or movie or cartoons video tapes to watch every weekend like kids nowadays, i mean at least like my nieces and nephews. but how can i?

i can't remember what my answer was back then. but what i know, i do understand the kids' suffer. to fill in the blanks with the proper answer on the English test paper is not that easy. me myself, i dun even know how did i survive. thanks God for the miracle, and alhamdulillah for the good brain i'm carrying until now.

and back to the story, from such of that background, can u imagine my first day at high school? comparing myself with the others, seriously i'm dying of inferior complexity. that was the first day i took a first step throwing myself out into the world. for others, maybe it was nothing. the only thing changes is from parent's house to living in a hostel. but for me, that was the starting point, of me knowing the world in larger range. yeah, bad people called me jaguh kampung, 
'kat kampung bley laa nk berdiri atas semua orang, tunjuk tererr'
but thank you bad people, your bad comments have made me able to reach here. haters gonna hate right?

and alhamdulillah, now i'm Japan. taking another few steps into the real world, and even i'm already in this place, i'm still having that inferior complexity. well, just because i didn't show it doesn't mean i don't feel it. too many factors contributing to that inferior complexity, but i guess, everyone has their own pros and cons, bads and goods, right?

eyh, the point is, i just wanna say, my face is universal, and the definition for it is not that this face is laku to jual as cheknell cover, neither jimmy choo, but universal in its own world of too many so similar faces. i guess because my face is too Malay, then all the sevens of my 'kembar' are Malays too. well u know, ad statement cakap there're 7 people with the similar face like us. and i guess i have already found all that seven.

and because i miss my first kakak kembaq so much, i tried to find her on the fb and luckily i found her!

and anyway, i'm the only daughter in family.
so, whenever u see someone like my face, seriously, she's not my sister.

one more thing! 
few years ago i wrote something about another bad people calling me budak kampung just because i replied her maki-maki message in Malays in this blog. i forgave that lady already, but i'm sorry miss, we're both women, we all know best our limitations on forgetting things right? 
i just wanna state here, 
yeah, i am budak kampung, and still am. but, dun judge me based on your lame definition of budak kampung. budak kampung nowadays ramai yg da berjaye beb.

heh. how come face story terpusing jd kisah budak kampung nih?


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