Isnin, 14 Januari 2013

come on Malaysian!

"When it comes to politics, I never understand the concept of "tak tahu bersyukur" being posted on people's foreheads when they ask for change. If someone asks for change for the betterment in the education field, they are labelled as "tak tahu bersyukur" that we have schools. If someone asks for change under human rights, they are labelled as "tak tahu bersyukur" and fail to see how bad things were before independence. 

To me, being grateful is about making change for the better. When the pioneers toiled for an airplane, they were not being ungrateful for their feet or riding on horses. When humans start developing lightbulbs, they were not ungrateful for the candles that they used before. They were only finding a way to improve their lives.
So learn the difference.
- quoted from one of my friend's fb status, she's really an inspiring person, seriously.

be nice Malaysian. i'm coming home for good soon. 
to the place called home.

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