Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

my brO ; he's coLd not cooL

owh my GOD ~ usaha berani ajak my bro dtg nihon diz winter!!

(well, sgt yakin none of my fmly will reach diz blog, so brani le nk write sumthin2 abot them ere)

i hve 4 brothers, witot any sister, n i'm d youngest.
well, since my 4th bro n i had being grown up together (bcoz beza umur kami berdua agak jauh dgn another 3 yg kt ats), we shared to many silliest n dumbest moment together. there were no any 'good' moment since we used to bergado smpi bertumbuk-tumbuk n maen pijak2 perut. seb bek x berbunuh lg.

but, i just know, we're siblings. 
x kesah la even not in a good way we express our 'siblinging attitude' tu, tp i'm juz happy being his lil sis.
but i dun know wat's about him. (no nid to know)

unfortunately, form 1, dy msok hostel,  i was being left, alone.
everything started from there.


ye, dy abg sy, sy adek dy. tp kami x b'ckp. sometime, sepatah pun x t'kuar antara kami.
i dun know.

myb its just sumthin normal havin siblings relationship like diz, but i'm gettin tired with it. selagi masih ad peluang n kesempatan, selagi dy msih belum b'kwen cm abg2 yg laen, i want to try to break d rule.

n there, i've came out wit a silly idea, askin him to come ere on diz winter.
i think, i just know his answer witot waitin for him to reply,
who knows??

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