Rabu, 22 Disember 2010

pLan B - apekah..?

pergh selamat sudah bungkus abes sesi marathon plan B..! (citer yg rain berlakon tuh). seriously, will b one of the most unforgettable ending ever! - d suck one. 

urgggh.. if i could say diz to the producer - ' da x sabar2 sgt ke nk abeskan citer ni????' 

huh. kechiwa. 
there're still lots of undiscovered things. dun tell me they are gonna make the second sequel for this series.huh. unbelievable. and please, dun say the scriptwriter is forgetting about that japanese punk yakuza, what was his name again, hideko, himeko, or sumthing sumthing with 'ko' la, how could them? what happen to dat soOoo called superstar woman? supposed she's coming for rain right? and plus, what happen to james fong? he was betrayed by dat damn nakamura, but still, shouldn't him do the counterattack?

heyy, what is this? 
a grand super cool opening, very impressive mind tricking storyline, yet, such a 'rubbish' end?

hoh. i think the scriptwriter had died just the way before he could finished his seriously sgt best story -emo-

i'm not asking for such a happy ever after love story ending as that's not it's real main theme to begin with. but just please, do the proper closure, so the emo viewer out there (like me!) wouldn't have to think about the silliest idea on earth like the scriptwriter (or might be the producer) had died thus the crews need to create their own ending to put an end to this story. -hoh lagi-

okay2, enuff with those bla bla bla bla n bla bla bla complaints.

yet, i still suggest u guys watch this drama. for those who are thinking about escaping lame-sweet-xley bla- korean love story, this plan b is really the best choice. u have to think as u're the detective, u have to run for ur life as u're the refugee, n of course u have to act fast too like u're the real villains. 

the best thing is, dun u ever trust anybody else except ur ownself.

haha! dat's soooo gay... ..both of u.

please please please. make it happen for the second sequel. 
rain, not my favorite hero, but from now on he'll be. ^^

ok, smbung mood citer sweet marry me esok plak. esok kn cuti..(jumaat shiken nanoni..)

p/s. greed do kills virtue.

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