Jumaat, 3 Disember 2010

sai aku.

yes, such a yabai day today.

1st, nebou shita. i was supposed to be in class sharp at 10.30 for my mid-sem exam, yet i was still sleeping soundly in my bed at that time. Till i woke up at 10.40, soon i realized that i missed my paper. such a fool! i was working hardly the past two days, to make sure i'm well prepared for that exam, but unfortunately, that's what happened. zannenn datta na.

'rainen isshoni torou' tte, nani sore? irane yo, sonna nagusameru kata!

2nd, my jikken, none did work today. everything went wrong and nobody knew what was the reason. i've been crowded with my TA's (there were 4 or 5 of them, natsukashii dikerumuni lelaki2 seramai ini. owh, rse 'HOWT' sekejap), they were discussing something about my circuit yet i didn't even understand what the heck were they're talking about. but still, nobody had even tried to explain it to me. yeah, i know, they are the TA, A for assistant, T maybe for teacher, and they have much more knowledge far better than mine, but please, let me know as it was my circuit! whats wrong with my circuit since all of u took 1 hour ++ just to find the reason why did it went wrong!

the best part,
'hait, naotta' tte, nani ga naotta no?
('ok, da betulkan.', tp betulkan ap?)

'atashi no kairo, doko ka machigattaka?'
(anything wrong with my circuit?) 

'iiee, zenbu atteru. yarinaosu koto wa nai to omou' tte.
(no. i don't think u need to betulkan anything)

horaaaaa,nani sore? nande sonnani jikan kakatte shimatta kuseni, yarinaosu koto wa nai tte yutte kureta no??

honma, sai aku da , kyou.
dareka wo koroshitaii youna kanji.

btw, my junior is getting married the end of this month, with my senior plak tuh.
 ore mo kekkon shitai na.

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