Ahad, 24 Julai 2011


another entry for the day.
so what_?

i got problem with my new keyboard, still can't get used to it since my '?' mark always comes with '_'
like this,

who are you_?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 
see, the '_' mark before the '?'... 

well, u can see the '_' mark is right next to the '?' mark.
so u know its not only me yg salu do the typo like '_?' this kn. :)

dats not the point for today's entry.

i'm done with pretty little liars season 1. so much complication and its kinda piss me off, believe me.
and i'm trying to get myself on track by starting to watch season 2, but i stop at d second episode.

u ask me why?
bcoz i'm feeling like wanna puke. complicated. the writer sure does know well how to keep the viewer attached with the series, and she got me as well.

we know that kind of jerk ( i mean A) is some kind impossible and the story line is wayyy out of our logical mind, but we still ternganga dpn our laptop, kusyuk marathon 24hours per day watching the series n trying to figure out who the antagonist is, or, are.

i better stop watching this now since the final exams are just around the corner. 
wish me luck n do pray for my success. 

p/s. cheer on toby n spencer! :p

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