Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

sumthing from nomiey :))

lately i've being such a pretty passive blogger, well, there's nothing much to write actually.
-ok, an inevitably lame intro since i'm writing my second entry for d day-


if i'm not mistaken, i think i've got diz award before, but myb it was quite a very long time ago.huhu. 
anyway, thanx to my friend, nomiey for d appreciation, am very glad siyesly. since she's giving me diz award, i've got no choice, better for me to answer her, right? ;p

anyway, what should i do actually?

SEVEN things about me which no other people knows.


-yet i think, i dun hve any secrets =.='.. -

even so... ok nomiey, i'll try my best yea! u must read this till d end, u know u hve to, right? :p

FIRST - i'm not a gay.
its not a joke, i really meant it ok. even my 'its complicated' facebook relationship status does state so, doesn't mean i'm really a gay. errr..or y'all hve already known?

SECOND - i don't eat sushi.
even it has been 2 years n a half i'm staying in japan, i still can't take any sushi (i mean yg mentah2 tu) into my mouth, and siyesly it never crossed my mind to try it. well, myb i'm not the only one yg x mkn sushi kn? heh~

THIRD - i think i do have some mental probs.
guys, this is not a joke. i am not rebecca black nor bibier justin or justin bibier, or so wuteva. i always think i might hve the tendency to do sumthin out of my mind, for example jumping off my apartment, cut myself, or even worse saying out loud 'bitch!!!!' on my plastic friends face. fuu... but i better not.haha.

FOURTH - easy to get bored..?
maybe. i'm not sure actually. lets take something as exmple. (actually i prefer much better to take 'someone' as example, but it would just make others like "hooooomaigodddddd, u're sooooo bad wawa..!". better safe than sorry).btw, i do have a dslr - digital single lens reflex camera if u dun know.easy said, camera yg besor tuh. i was somekind like overoverover excited when i first bought him, but eventually it only lasted for months. no, not d camera, i meant my excitement, the camera is still breathing safely right next to me, dun worry. its my excitement which dies just in few months. huerm.. myb diz is normal.haha.

FIFTH - i'm going to get married soon!
ok, myb this is a joke. but pliz guys, do pray for me. spread the love and peace to us. my target? hurm, some people say, do follow ur heart. ok, then, if i'm following my heart, i'll get married by this spring. but, there are still some who say dun take for granted ur mind. hu? 
then, my brilliant mind says, there's still long way to go wawa..

SIXTH - i'm A-blood :))
sorry if u feel annoyed.haha. this is not superstitious. they are facts. they are something decided by hundreds, myb thousands researches and bla bla bla. A-blood people is perfectionist u know, that is their stands out point. me? hve to admit, i'm quite fussy in many things, n its very possible for people who dun know me to get tired of me. hoh~ like i care ;p
n fyi, A-blood is very 'lemah' in handling B-blood people., so does d B-blood towards A.

SEVENTH - i've got my new crush! dave days..! lol

p/s. do pardon my language. its been years i'm using my english to write.lol.

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Amy A. berkata...

wawa nk kawin?...i nk jd tukang tabur2 bunga a.k.a flower girl!

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

u got d job!
siyesly, klo i kawen diz spring, u hve to blik mesia aa haru ni :p