Sabtu, 30 Julai 2011

hidup segan mati xmo.

i'm supposed to be studying right now.
but u know, in our life there is a time when we feel like don't want to do anything.

today i dun feel like doin anythin
i just wanna lay in my bed
don't feel like pickin up my phone
so leave a message at the tone
coz today i swear i'm doin anythin
nothin at all

worse comes to worst when it is not the right time for us to be lazying around like this. and that is what's happening to me right now.

i'm just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and have the wrong feeling.

then, what is right?
be at the library, espc two days before the final exam, and giving out my best on evry single subject that i take.

p/s - its really not a good sign if i'm still like this even after i've called my mum n dad. God, please help me.

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