Selasa, 26 Julai 2011


lucky person got their soul-mates as their lovers.

what is soul-mates?
according to my most reliable source (which is wikipedia), a soulmate is a person with whom one has a felling of DEEP or NATURAL affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility.

erm. it can be anybody! ur sibling, ur friend (same gender or not is out of matter), even might be ur mum, dad, or possibly ur grandpa?

whoeva it is, lucky person got their soulmates as their lovers (read as husband or wife).

heyy u, who's u're looking for??
i'm ur soul-mate yaa :)

p/s. 80% of my 'maa ne' is to define 'whateva' feeling that i have. 

4 ulasan:

cik n0miey berkata...

so,i`m ur soulmates or not??hehe

abaikan kalo eigo salah..hik3

SZ berkata...

nomiey gay.


cik n0miey berkata...

kuba la sabari...

tp molek jugok tuh..msti no problemo kn??


.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

nomiey dear,
op kos u are, n will alwez be :))

wanna join diz soulmet ring? :p