Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

counting days

the final presentation is over,
was over,
the last two days.

that was me, concluding my presentation.
not as good as i had wanted it to be,
not that bad though.
it was just fine.

and now i'm counting days, not for me for leaving my beloved japan, but for others for leaving me,
oh i hate those feeling.

how i wish we don't have to go anywhere, just need to stay at the same place, doing the same thing we're doing right now. even there'll be time we'll be bored of each other, or maybe perhaps on the things we're doing endlessly the same, but, we just can figure out the solution together.
there're still so much thing to do, so much journey to be traveled, so much fun to be experienced together.
so much.

i'm hating the word goodbye.
why does it have to exist?

2 ulasan:

alhuda berkata...

wawa, alhamdulillah you made it! ^____^

heyy, every thing has been made to have night, young old, and of course to meet and separate. but in this context, to separate not because we hate each other, but because there're still so much thing to be done.kan :)

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

i'm done! iA ad sket lg nk kne betul2kn thesis. soudesune.. still got much more thing to do. huhuu..

still long way to go