Sabtu, 2 Februari 2013

plainly weird

i think, something is just going wrong with me this lately. i am not very sure myself. 
i'm easily annoyed, distressed all the time, being paranoid without any certain reasons, i am just
plainly weird.

i just dunno what is going on actually. maybe too stress with the thesis, or perhaps the surrounding people..? 
i dunno myself. feeling anxious, dissatisfied with own self, being angry on little things, sighing all the time.
haihh. i dun even know who am i.

so, taking into consideration on how weird i am this lately, i did lottttts of personality and psychology test. i am just too scared how if something is really going wrong with my mind, who knows?  the thing that worries me the most is actually my ability to handle stress. i know, i am not someone who's good in handling tense situation or so on, but i am pretty sure i did better in the past. 

how come in this lately even the tinniest little thing in the world could make my heart thumps so hard like it was gonna explode? and if there's something wrong happen and my anger cracks, i know i could handle it well, i could hold it in properly, but for some reason my heart just burning and my body get sweated for that. 
and why is that...? something wrong with the hormone?

so, here is some of my tests' results, not as good as i hope, but somewhat agreeable.

there are still lots of them, tp apalah gunanya menampal segalanye di muka belog ini kan?
in conclusion, pattern nye sume same.

i am not very emotionally stable, easy to be distracted, mood swing like a roller coaster, disagreeable, somewhat closed minded person, sometimes an organized people but sometime tends to be really disorganized, hate to be a weakling yet actually is a weakling (and that contributes the most to the stress reason), not a forgiving person, sometimes enjoys being with new people but sometimes has the tendency to prefer being alone.

in conclusion, swing easily.
like a roller coaster.
the mood, the personality, everything.

eyh, i list down yg bad jek. huhu. nampak cm sume bad jek plak kn, xkn le plak nk tlis2 memuji dri sndri kt cni, tawu ler ni belog sndri, tp, kulit x cukup tebal kot. hew3.

so, for the time being, just accept the fact that i'm severely stress. 
everything's gonna be find soon. 
real soon. 

yours sincerely.

2 ulasan:

Amy A. berkata...

haha! mne kak wawa buat mnde ni?...sgt mnarik..disagreeable?...kih3

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

haaahaha! cess, tang disagreeable tu xmmpu nk pertikaikan lah, sume test yg trait tu kompem2 A+.

search jek kt tenet, nnt dy kua baaanyak giler.hehe