Rabu, 6 Februari 2013

we're both lucky

i'm lucky to have him as my supervisor.
he's lucky to have me as his student.

'you're working too hard hafiza'
'because you're too kind and follow everything whatever he asks, that's why he can do that'

yesterday, my friend said this to me (as she's trying to comfort me),
'look at me, if sensei said he wants me to do until 100, i only did 10.
then, the next time he pushed me and said, ok lah, let's work hard and just finish it to 50, but still, i did only 30.
and so, finally he said,
ok, enough with 30.
he gives up.
but hafiza,
if sensei said he wants you to do until 100, u'll finish it until 100.
then, the next time sensei will ask for more since he knows u can do it, so 150, and u work hard to reach it.
and then, for the next next time, sensei will ask for 200, and u, muri ni natttemo, muri yari u'll do it.
and, that is why, there will be the next next next time, next and next and next.
he'll ask for more since he knows u'll try to do them until the end'

i just nodded. somewhat agreeable. as i said before, comparing me and my friends, i have the guts to say that i'm working harder than them.

'because he's too kind. i'm unable to bring out myself to say no. he's doing everything for me. and i guess, he must be tired to handle a foreign student like me.'
yep, seriously, this is my answer. 

i'm always telling my friends and my juniors that i have a really kindhearted sensei, he is like a dad. comparing him to another 2 senseis, i always say to myself that i'm really lucky to have him as my supervisor. he's super understanding, super tolerable, always talk to me in nice tone, he checks my presentation's layout words by words, sometimes he even writes the whole paragraph and asks me to just copy paste since he thinks it must be really hard for me to type in Japanese. in summarize, he's super kind, that's why he is a supervisor. lol. not to mention, my first day sy m'jejakkn kaki ke lab tu utk interview lab, he's the one yg jemput sy duduk tunggu dlm blik dy instead of mingle2 kt koridor mse nga waiting time.
baek bukan?

but then my friend said,
'he's been paid hafiza. it is his job. he has to work as much as he's being paid. and dun u ever think yourself as a burden to him. since he knows u can do it, that's why he had asked u to do more. if he's thinking the bad way, he'd never asked u to continue. he'll give up like my sensei.'
then she laughed.

my dear friend, i'm really appreciating your words and advice. (she's really caring, i swear!)
but u know, i'm being paid too. i got my scholarship, so i think, at least i should do my job properly too. even my scholar is too little to be compared to his salary, he's got much more work to do, much more students to be handled, papers to be marked, meetings to be attended, and bla bla bla.
but me, on the other hand, i just need to focus on my research.
that's all.

haha. but of course easy said than to be done.

kadang2 bile badan penat otak beku memamg hati ni dok m'berontak jugaklah. dok kua la idea2 jahat dri hati yg m'busuk,
but then, sedaya upaya mengingatkan hati,
curik instag ruby! thehe.

dan lagi satu hakikat yg menguatkan hati sy,
Allah x tengok hasil, Allah tengok usaha.
mata manusia giat menilai hasil, tp pandangan Allah lebih menumpu ke usaha.

jd, walaupun penat anda berusaha dan hasilnya tidaklah semengancam usaha anda itu,
pujuklah hati dgn hakikat ini ye!

doakan me plis!
yours sincerely.  

eyh, perlu rephrase ayat atas td,
i'm lucky to have him as my supervisor.
but they said 'he's lucky to have me as his student'.
in conclusion, we're both lucky.

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Alia Lokman berkata...

good luck wawa =) best kalau ada supervisor baik.senang nak berbincang.aku dulu supervisor garang.asik kena marah je =(