Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

annoying tips for annoying people ^^

i`m wasting my time, which is toooo much to be wasted. 
what am i doing in the late of the middle of night - i'm blogging! writing something which i shouldn't, thinking over the things which i dun even have interest anymore, i dun even know myself.

what's wrong with this song?? it keeps stucking in my mind!! so annoying....

i'm not someone who's easy to put an end to a relationship, in fact, i don't hve any experience of doing that. so,i'm doing some homework by googling it - the tips, the best ways on how to end a relationship.

1. clarity
Make sure you understand why you are doing it. Sometimes the surface reason isn’t the real reason. Dig deep within yourself to find the real reason. Being surrounded by the situation can cloud your judgment. Separate yourself from the situation and spend some alone time.

2. self honesty -
 Make the commitment to be honest with yourself and the other person. The truth will set you free.

3. setup meeting time
Some people are opposed to phone breakups. I think that face-to-face is always best, but if distance separates you, it’s best to do so as soon as possible rather than waiting.

4. explanation
focus on how things made you feel, this way your partner doesn’t get defensive. Make it clear that the situation is not their fault, since blaming doesn’t add value in helping the situation.Talk about things you’ve learned from the relationship and what you are grateful for.  

5. don't take anything personally
When we are emotional and feeling hurt, we can easily become irrational and say things we don’t mean.Don’t be surprised if your partner acts like a small child and says unreasonable or mean things to you. They don’t mean it. They are simply hurt and need attention from you.

6. fully express emotion
 If you feel like crying, do it, and do it fully. This will release the emotional clutter in your inner space.

7. space
Give them space. They will be hurt no matter what, so even if they appear fine on the outside, they are hurting. What they need now is time. 

there are still much more, i'll just write on the basic things that one should know if they wanna do this. but i think, the most important thing is, do follow your heart because at this state, logical terms are no longer applicable. u may regret it later, but who's to blame, its all your decision, so u have to be brave enough to face the consequences after it!

i will write on how to endure a broken heart later, for those who being left by their partner.

btw, dun take these wrongly, i'm not doing this for myself, just in case my readers a.k.a my friends would need some help on this, so i'm sincerely write it all here. peace.

p/s. i think i'm doing much better on this field (psychology) compared to engineering. what should i do then? should i change my faculty?

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