Jumaat, 28 Oktober 2011

untaian jiwe

while i'm trying my best to open up, trying to overlook what u had done, trying to find at least if there are still little tiny chances of us getting back together again, trying to take half of the blame on mine, why wouldn't u support me?
it just makes me feel miserable, and convincing me even more that i'm doing the right thing right now.

yeah, i'm in the right path. 
be strong, myself. the bright future ahead is waiting for you in the front. it is not only you who's heartbroken today. people meet, people fall in love, but then half of them going separate ways. even a happy ending itself is such an unimaginable beginning. even lots of marriage couples have had the hard time dealing with divorce and bla bla bla.

so, get hold of yourself, the world is not revolving just around you. 4years is such a small number compared to 18years of your singular life. so, what makes you think you can't?

be alert, be prepared, be strong, be wise.
so, this is the end of the end. really, happy ending - they live happily ever after. 
go get your life, myself.

an ending towards a new beginning.
forgive and forget.

shikkari shiro myself!

'love is going, love is leaving
one person, and one love
everything that i've been used to
i should erase u after tonight
yes, i should face myself to erase you
i should do... lalalala~'
- keep hitting my head la diz song! by CNBlue :))

2 ulasan:

Amy A. berkata...

kak wawa, gambar atas ni sgt teringin ku lihat yg xedit...gadis itu sgt ayu kelihatannye..:p

btw,sy tag kak wawa jd klu x bz n bosan nk conteng blog tu buat la k

.Si kEmunCuP. berkata...

eyh, gades itu memang senantiasa ayu, mne bley nk expose wjh sbenar nnt abes kne serbu :p

okay~ nnt org buhsan org wat ye.sgtttt pnjg n mngamek mse tuh! btw, dun wori, iA wat!